Crystalyne Clifton

This is the composer's first CD Crystalyne Clifton "Heartbeat Has Wings"


Born in the Philippines from a highly musical family, Crystalyne migrated to Germany after college in 1988 to establish her desired married life in Berlin. Her four-year Marriage ended in divorce.  Strange as it seemed something beautiful happened: a beautiful daughter, Elle Mae was born, Crystalyne evolved from an academician to an unpretentious bread-winner worker from a devastated divorcee to a challenged single mother. Her passion for art and music became her sense of existence, her being a woman who's both a father and a mother to her daughter became her reason to move on. In having experienced pain, she found strength and gratefulness. Then love for the second time around happened. She met Michael Clifton - she felt love and loved in return. But life is so impermanent that for the second time around, she must again suffer loss of a loved one, this time, due to death, Michael lost his battle against cancer. And again strange as it seemed, Crystalyne and Michael exchanged " I do's " in marital vows in Berlin six-months before Michael passed away.
An American jazz artist, Michael became Crystalyne's
fire of inspiration to further develop her passion for music. Her  song compositions are devotedly dedicated to her late husband,  Michael Clifton.

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