World Diaspora Ensemble



01. Intro
02. ANTHONY BAGGETTE - good book
03.LITA DAVIS - look a here (written by A. Baggette)
04. ANTHONY BAGGETTE - wakin` up
05. ALEXIS POPE - old virgin`s decent
06. LITA DAVIS - yes (written by A. Baggette)
07. DORIAN CHANEY - krieg
08. ANTHONY BAGGETTE - all i can do
09. AKANNI - art
10. LETA DAVIS - now rhe music can`t sing
11. BAJKA BAJKA - power of america
12.SURIA - weltaufstand für friede
13. ANTHONY BAGGETTE - payin my taxes
14. DORIAN CHANEY - i am
15. ALEXIS POPE - she in me
16. LETA DAVIS - the hidden blues
17. LADY GABY - last life when i was eve
18. ELIAS, & FRIENDS - everybody is somebody
19. eLBee BAD - life...a bit sweeter
20. YANEQ - meditation über die trommel
21. RASHIDI - borders are lines
22. LETA DAVIS - the pathway
23. ROMEO - the frozen
24. GYAVIRA LA SANA - east new york
25. KEVIN BOOKER - statico
26. ALEXIS POPE - it was good
27. GYAVIRA LA SANA - good friday

produced by G. Bertram & A. Baggette

Over the years that we poets have lived and performed in Berlin there has Been a lot people, who have helped us maintain our dignity and encouraged us to be positive and truthful, some were dancers, some were musicians and some were everyday workin` folks. We would like to give credit where credit is due.

We would like to thank:

James Chaney Jr., Floyd Brothers, Samba Sock, Eb & Nina T Davis,Tom Blacksmith, Jay Oliver, Rudy Steveson, Lenjes Robinson,Mike Russel, Robbie, Joe Di Carlo, Donald Streeter, Zam Johnson,DJ Darryl eclipse NYC, Michael Brown, Arinor Robin Hemmingway,Earl Bostic, MfA Kera, Big Leg Susie, Jackie Loew, Mike Watt,Carter Collins, Duane Cooney, Bob Lennox, Queen Yahna,Souleyman Toure, Mojo, Bettina von Hartmann, Katrin Kühn,Loomis Green, Tony Brock, Rita Moss, Billy Banner, Lionel Haas,Reiner Hess, Mark Headley, Kenny Martin, Romani Khrisna.

We extend our gratitude and appreciation for keeping us realand giving us the courage, spiritual and emotional supportthat allowed us to grow and broaden our outlook on life andbelieve in ourselves.




Anthony Baggette Poet, play write, theater director, Host Talkin Jazz. Me Baggette is well known throughout Europe as a jazz poet,he is also president and founder of Clear Blue Water e:v an organization of artist from all over the world working to make this earth a place of peace.


Romeo- Rapper, poet, singer, Father and a good neighbor.

Leta Davis - Singer, dancer. entertainer supreme. Owner of the Soul Kitchen where many an artist was served a finger lickin' meal. New York City.

Yaneq- rapper, writer, party artry promoter,Journalist.

L.B.Badd- dj, promoter, producer. The man man is not mic shyand is constantly coming up with vocal bits that have been sampled by many, his unique way of delivering his text is second to none.

Dorian Chaney- Rapper, poet.

Gyavira Lasana- Poet from New York city now living in China.

Rashidii Graffti- Poet, singer, owner of rashidii Living Room a place artist meet to explore what can be done next to further the journey of music so we don't get  stuck  in traffic.

 Akanni- Singer, rapper, poet. Every Friday Akanni is the  on stage with his soul City Magic where he turns the house out.

Bajka Bajka


Gaby Bila Günther aka- Lady Gaby  is a Berlin based writer and a spoken word performer. Lady Gaby has been invited many arts  and cultural festivals throughout the worldwhere she has graced the stage with lyrics about women's rights, urban issues. She is a mother who is conceren about the welfare of children everywhere.


Suria - Poet, song writer


Kevin M. Booker is an icon of contemporary artwhose explorations in music , theater and dance have transcended genres for four decades.
His life long fascination with pan- African art has guided him to cultivate an artistic philosophy which continues to expand witheach passing sun.


Alexis Pope- musician, poet, singer England