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Rock'n'Roll is not dead, it sounds indigo

What do four academics do in their spare time? Visit the sound of string quartet concerts? To recite from Goethe's Faust and sink into endless reflections on the nature of science in the human world? Oh well, … ... that may well be the case. But it is proven that the members of IndigoRush prefer to pick up the sticks, strap on their guitars and bass to play drifting Rock'n'Roll true to the motto "catchy guitar riffs, polyphonic vocals and rock beats to join in". For six years now, they have been celebrating this and much more on all popular stages of Berlin's clubs. Notably Acud, SO36, Lido and Kulturbrauerei, just to name a few. In 2008 they occupy the second place at the Berlin Pilsner Song-Contest and create with the song Mittendrin just the unofficial Berlin anthem.

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 Die CD wurde im "Thirteen Eleven Tours Studio" in Berlin/Moabit live eingespielt... aufgenommen von Gert "Bettman" Bertram.


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