Jonny Franco


CD "Artificial Man"


CD mit Miko"Heated Hearts"


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Singer, Composer, Pianist, Arranger & Producer Jonny Franco was born in Thuringia at the end of the 70's. About 5 years ago he moved to Berlin, where he founded different projects in progressive rock and electronic music. Jonny Franco is one of the very special new talents of Berlin's artist metropolis. His style is unique and shaped by playful creativity. The intensity of Jonny's soulful performance, the dense atmospheres of his arrangements, the dynamics of the rhythms and the high quality of his compositions inspire the audience. He won various talent competitions and has received several awards. His new album "Artificial Man" uniquely combines classic pop with modern club sounds to create a fantastic new sound. Sophisticated hypnotic heavy grooves emphasize an incredibly dramatic dynamic. Final bursts of sound like "Burning in my heart" make you hold your breath. "Artificial Man," the completion of an unmistakable soundtrack that was featured on Heated Hearts' Heat Society album he produced in 2006.