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CD "Sex Sells"

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We wanted to take this opportunity to formally congratulate you on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Dance / Pop Song for ‘Sex Sells’ in the January 2016 Akademia Music Awards - Los Angeles!




Rebel Erotica are a girl group from Venus with a twinkle in the eye, who parody sex marketing & entertainment.

Their Album “Songs for SEXYtainment” is made of electro-galactic Pop songs, ready to hot-shot-hit the music charts on planet earth.
Sex Sells” is the name of their first Single and Music Video, a turn on TV Strip-Teaser filmed in “FlashyColor”.

Open contact on the happy-wave-length with the Good Vibration Generator & Venusian Love Vibrator...

KISS powered VOICES from VENUS

Rebel Erotica have arrived on earth, to start a Venusian music IN-WAYsion. It´s a hot rhythm affair, backed up by the Galactic Union All-Stars and sounds of the Soular System.

Venus Vanilla and her cosmic playgirls are experienced UCAs (Under-the-Covers-Agents) and 007th Heaven Sexperts. Their songs are kiss powered by the Give-Head-Quarters of Voices from Venus.

As Ambassadors of Stellar Love, they were Manga Comic cloned and trained, to ignite the spark of SuperSex in all receptive Lovers. Happiness is a warm naked gun, take it easy, when it gets too hard...


Rebel Erotica set up futuristic Live Shows with multimedia, 3D and holographic effects in “FlashyColor”. The audience will be taken into flashy redlight space and beamed down to Venus on love-vibrator-waves. Dance the Milky Way...