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Suria, "The Sun"has been living in Berlin since 20 years and is the mother of 7 children.
She recharges her battery in moments when „the big spirit of inspiration“ comes over her and endows her with texts and songs.
“Music is the language of the heart, and good music together with positive thoughts makes our sick hearts restore our health.” On the label Allzeit Musik she is presenting now a small selection of her songs. She greatly enjoyed the recordings, taking place in creative cooperation with “Bettmän”, because it seemed as the first 3 songs were destined for each other. Texts and music brilliantly fit to each other. Also various international musician friends as well as jazz pianist and father of her children Lito helped her to reach the long awaited goal.

“SURIALISM” is like a philosophy of life:
Enjoy every moment and be always ready.